Must Read Five Unfortunate Celebrity S*x Tape Scandals That Shocked The World

Being in the celebrity spotlight may seem like a desirable life. However, celebrities are often under a microscope for everything that they do. In this case, videos that they thought would never be seen by the public were leaked or sold to outlets. For some, it meant that their lives were turned upside down. And for others, they made some profits off of it and were able to move on with their lives. Let’s take a deep dive into the five celebrity sex tapes that turned into some major stories when they were released.

Kim Kardashian And Ray J’s Tape Ended With A Lawsuit

Famous ex’s Kim Kardashian and Ray J are both now extremely successful, but many people attribute their success to their sex tape released in 2007. The actual sexual act took place in 2002 when the pair went on a trip to Mexico for Kim’s 23rd birthday. They filmed the video themselves with a handheld camcorder.

Adult film company Vivid Entertainment purchased the tape from a “third party” for $1 million. Kim initially tried to sue the company to prevent the tape from being released. They ended up settling with a $5 million lawsuit but its impact was already made.

The video, which is still resurfacing on the internet to this day was one of the factors that jumpstarted Kardashian’s career and led to the creation of the famed reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kardashian said in an episode of the show that she was high on ecstasy when the video was filmed. Kardashian spoke about some regrets she had about the tape on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Paris Hilton Was Deceived By Her Ex-Boyfriend After He Released Their Tape

In 2001 when she was just 19 years old, Paris Hilton and her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon filmed their sexual encounter. Salomon who was 33 at the time recorded the video himself. He released the video in 2003 just weeks before Hilton’s show The Simple Life was set to air on television.

Hilton claimed that she never approved of the release of the tape and that she was delirious during the filming of it. This led to Salomon suing Hilton for defamation. Hilton then countersued Salomon and they settled out of court.

They were one of the most famous couples in the world, so naturally, everyone wanted a copy of the tape. They filed a $10 million lawsuit against whoever they thought might have a copy of the tape in 1996. Penthouse magazine even put out an issue with a picture of Anderson on the cover that happened to be a screenshot from the tape. She tried to file an invasion of privacy lawsuit against Penthouse, but she ultimately lost the case. Anderson and Lee were married and divorced twice and she continues to model and be an animal activist. Anderson maintained that she has not made any money from the tape to this day during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

Hulk Hogan And Heather Clem’s Sex Tape Caused Legal Drama

Hulk Hogan and his wife Linda Bollea were engaged in a dramatic divorce after a woman claimed to have had an affair with the former professional wrestler. In 2006 Hogan came under fire when a video of him having sex with his friend Bubba Clem’s Wife Heather surfaced on the internet. Hogan maintains the claim that he was not aware that the encounter was being filmed and that Bubba gave him permission to sleep with his wife.

Hogan went on to start a long legal battle against the blog site Gawker which released portions of the video on their site. He sought $100 million in damages. The lawsuit went on for years and eventually, in 2016, Hogan was awarded nearly $200 million in damages from the company. Gawker tried to appeal the verdict twice, but both motions were denied. Hogan sued Gawker for a second time after he claimed that they leaked sealed court documents that had quoted him using racial slurs. Gawker has since filed for bankruptcy protection and the company was sold. Gawker and Hogan then reached another $31 million settlement. Hogan appeared on The View and was questioned about why he slept with a married woman in the first place.

Rob Lowe Had A Huge Sex Tape Scandal With A Much Younger Girl

Rob Lowe became a teen idol of the ’80s and soon was under the spotlight for a different reason. In 1988, 24-year-old Lowe was videotaped having sex with a 16-year-old girl and a 23-year-old woman. While the age of consent in Georgia was 14 at the time, the legal age to be involved in a recording of that nature was 18. The women tried to market the tape after stealing it out of Lowe’s hotel room. Lowe maintained that he did not know the girl was so young.

Hilton has never been shy to speak out about how she never made any money from the video. Salomon claims that he, on the other hand, made $10 million from the tape after its first year of release. Though the tape may have put her in the spotlight for the wrong reasons, Hilton is now an established DJ and model. Salomon became a poker player and has had his fair share of relationship trouble after getting divorced four times. Hilton spoke about the negative effects that the sex tape has had on her life on CNN.

Pamela Anderson And Husband Tommy Lee

Actress and model Pamela Anderson found herself in hot water when a sex tape with her then-husband and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee was circulating around the internet. The tape was stolen from their home by an electrician who was working on their house at the time. He had been fired by Lee and threatened when he came back to the property to collect his things. He stole the tape along with a safe of their things and tried to sell it to a few outlets until it was eventually distributed on the internet in 1995. It was also sold on VHS tapes and other websites. It garnered millions of views worldwide from people who wanted to get a glimpse inside of their highly publicized relationship.

The story became huge as the tape was distributed. It was one of Hollywood’s first and biggest sex tape scandals. Lowe was able to settle a lawsuit with the girl’s family, but it did lead to him getting fewer roles in television shows and movies. He was finally able to resurrect his career again in the early 90s. He recently came under fire for some comments he made about how the tape was “the best thing that ever happened” to him on Sirius XM.

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