Kanye West is now secretly dating Model Irina Shayk aka Bradley Cooper’s baby mama

Kanye West has reportedly moved on to a new relationship amid his divorce from Kim Kardashian. The rapper has been rumored to be dating Irina Shayk who got out of a relationship with actor Bradley Cooper. One source came forward and said the two are “secretly dating,” however, an anonymous person also came forward and second guessed that statement.

“Kanye West is now secretly dating Irina Shayk aka Bradley Cooper’s baby mama,” a source said according to OK, however, someone else had an opposing view and made a comment about not jumping to conclusions just yet. “After further looking into this, I don’t know if ‘dating’ is the right word, but there is perhaps some interest there,” they said.

While this may turn heads and confuse some on how the potential pair came to be, West and the super model have known each other for a while now. Shayk was in the rappers “Power” music video in 2010, and then two years later appeared in the runway show for his clothing company during Paris Fashion Week.

While it was rumored for months the West and Kardashian were headed for divorce, the two did what they could to put those rumors to rest. However, once the new year started, Kardashian officially filed for divorce. While fans haven’t been able to see much behind the scenes of what’s going on with her divorce on her reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she has hared a little during the current season.

It’s apparent the divorce has posed an emotional toll on her, but Kardashian is focusing on other things, including getting her law degree.

Although she’s been studying away in an effort to become a lawyer as she further pursues her passion in criminal justice, she did confess to her sisters on this week’s episode that she did not pass her baby bar, leaving her to feel absolutely defeated.

She stressed that she spent six weeks straight, studying 10 to 12 hours per day, and still came up short, stressing that she can’t do that again because she simply doesn’t have the time and it’s pulled her away from her kids.

It’s unclear on if she’ll keep going or not, but since she’s been trying to fallow in her father, Robert Kardashian’s, footsteps, it doesn’t appear that she’ll give up that easy. After delivering the news to her sisters, they were incredibly supportive of her and noted how proud their dad would be of her.

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